Zone35 Distribution Membership

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$39.99 / month

Earn extra income and take advantage of discounts by helping others understand the importance of our CBD products as well as the impact it will have on them on their way to a healthy, active life.



Learn How Zone35 Memberships Have Opened up a World of Financial Opportunity for Others


Teamwork and Community

When you become a member, you become part of a supportive community of like-minded people who is on the journey to impact as many lives as possible. Resources will be available to help you with your professional growth and personal development goals.

Versatile and Competitive Pay Structure

The Sky is the limit when it comes to income opportunity with Zone35. All active members will be on a 3 level deep pay structure. They will earn 30% on direct sales, 15% on indirect sales, and 10% on the 3rd level overflow (team building stage). Everything within Zone35 website is subject to commissions (cbd sales, fitness zone sales, aparrel sales, etc.).

Enjoy Membership Discounts

All active members will recieve an additional 10% off of the everything in store as a perk of being a member.

Weekly Payouts and Bonuses Available

All Members will be paid out weekly via direct deposit to any bank of your choice. There are weekly bonuses available to keep members motivated and maximize their income potential. Direct deposits may have a small fee of 3% depending on bank choice.

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1 review for Zone35 Distribution Membership

  1. Dashaun Phillips

    Very intense blend. This Extra Strength formula is a powerful oil and is great for anyone dealing with chronic pain, severe anxiety, and have depression symptoms. In the NFL we deal with a lot of physical and mental pain on a daily basis, and after a long stressful day on the field, I cannot wait to get to my locker and get my daily 1ml in. Full Spectrum hemp oils already come with CBD in it, but this product has a EXTRA 750mg of CBD infused inside of it and just like the regular strength, this oil is all pure with no carrier oils or flavors. You won’t find a product this powerful that contains 0% THC.

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