“I’m here to show you the the world what I went thru to get where I’m at”  xDashaun Phillips


Dashaun Phillips entered the NFL in 2014 after graduating from Tarleton State University with his fitness management degree. He turned heads at his pro day showing rare speed, explosiveness, and strength. All factors propelled him into becoming a high priority pick. The one thing Dashaun lacked was size, standing at 5’11 and only weighing 173lbs. That came back to haunt him during his 2nd year in the league.

In 2016 on his birthday, Dashaun’s life changed. He suffered a severe neck injury after a helmet to helmet collision with a guy outweighing him by nearly 60lbs. Over the next couple of months he and other high profiled athletes began putting together a fitness and nutrition program that helped him go from 173lbs to 191lbs of lean muscle within, which enhanced his game. Now with that expirience he has built a workout program so that other men and women are able to achieve their fitness goals as well.